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Dance Scholarship Oxford (DANSOX) provides a major forum for dance scholarship in Europe, promoting dialogue between prominent academic disciplines and the worlds of dance theory and practice. This programme of TORCH-funded events gives access to these enquiries and disseminates ideas through workshops, functions, and the website presence. DANSOX inaugurates an international exchange of interdisciplinary dance-related research with a major programme investigating a wide range of enquiries into all forms of dance. These events explore the ways in which the role of choreographic practice reveals its essential contribution to innovations across academic fields, theatre and performance.

The Patrons of DANSOX are Dame Monica Mason and Sheila Forbes, CBE.

Dame Monica joined the Royal Ballet Company at the age of sixteen, became principal dancer, and later Director of the company until 2012. She oversaw the groundbreaking ‘Metamorphosis: Titian 2012’ at the Royal Opera House, a collaboration with the National Gallery that produced new work by choreographers, poets, designers, artists, and composers. Dame Monica continues to work closely as expert consultant with the Royal Ballet.

Sheila Forbes is a British educator, consultant and manager. She was Principal of St Hilda's College 2007-2014.


The Royal Ballet

Siobhan Davies Dance

Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama (APGRD)

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Choreographers Talk series: Wayne McGregor, resident choreographer, Royal Ballet discusses and explores new work; also workshops featuring Shobana Jayasingh; Professor Nicky Clayton (Cambridge) on dance and cognitive behaviour; Kim Brandstrup; Will Tuckett (Royal Ballet).


Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers

A TORCH network running a series of workshops involving professionally-trained dancers investigating how they process selected stimulus materials en route to creating a 'reconstructive' performance of the Roman dance form tragoedia saltata. Please click here for more information about the network.

Anyone interested in participating in the workshops or joining the network should contact

The Grace Project

This new interdisciplinary project focuses on the relationships and meanings of ‘grace’ in all its cultural manifestations. Beginning with the implications of the term as it is used in dance and literature across historical periods, the project investigates grace in its theological, philosophical, literary, visual, and sociological contexts. The project will be initiated by TORCH-funded talks and workshops involving international dance scholars and historians such as Lynn Garafola and Mark Franko. Dates and times TBA. There will be a Grace Conference in Trinity 2015, with an ensuing publication of a volume of essays. For further information contact:


Susan Jones

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