ALASTAIR MACAULAY KEYNOTE 'Commonalities, Communities, Utopias and Dance'

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ALASTAIR MACAULAY KEYNOTE 'Commonalities, Communities, Utopias and Dance'

Part of the DANSOX Summer Programme

11th-25th July 2022


Friday 15th July 2022, 11.30am(BST)

Venue: Jacqueline du Pré Building, St Hilda’s College, Oxford  

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Dance Scholarship Oxford (DANSOX) provides a major forum for dance scholarship in Europe, promoting dialogue between prominent academic disciplines and the worlds of dance theory and practice. DANSOX inaugurates an international exchange of interdisciplinary dance-related research with a major programme investigating a wide range of enquiries into all forms of dance. These events explore the ways in which the role of choreographic practice reveals its essential contribution to innovations across academic fields, theatre and performance.



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