Mapping Motion: Impulse, Object, and Trajectory

kim brandstrup in rehearsal

Kim Brandstup (internationally renowned choreographer) will conduct a workshop/presentation with Royal Ballet dancer, Marcelino Sambé, and others to explore choreographers' methods and sources.

“Music inhabits a mysterious no man’s land somewhere between mathematical construction and human emotion - nothing is so abstract in its means and yet so immediate in its effect. Choreography exists in the same sphere, where choreographic choice seems to obey both logics. You have to be aware of the formal map the music provides while the choreography must look spontaneous and dramatically inevitable. The creative challenge is to navigate between the two - so that the spectators are never really sure or even aware what drives the piece - whether it is the formal or the human, the conceptual or the narrative - whether all is planned or a product of chance." Kim Brandstrup.

The event is free and open to all and will be followed by refreshments. Registration is required, please click here to register.

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Dance Scholarship Oxford

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Audience: Open to all