PERLEGO Methods of Research in Literature and the Visual Arts

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The PERLEGO seminar series returns this term with a third roundtable welcoming four speakers from different fields and institutions to discuss the ways in which their research combines text and image analysis in the following areas:


Professor Heather Webb (Cambridge) - 'Reading the Gestures of Dante’s Comedy Between Text and Image’


Dr. Ben Thomas (Kent) - ‘Seeing Eloquence, Raphael’s Drawings’


Prof. Simon Park (Oxford) - ‘The Line of Apelles in Early Modern Europe’


Dr. Rhiannon Easterbrook (Oxford) - ‘“Today I mean to be a Greek”: imagination and materiality in Edwardian classicism’.


Join us for an afternoon of stimulating presentations and discussion, followed by a wine reception. Please are limited so please email or to book a spot.


Oxford Medieval Studies
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