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Oxford Medieval Studies is one of the largest forums in the world for interdisciplinary research on the Middle Ages, bringing together over 200 academics and a large body of graduate students. The period of a thousand years from c.500 to c.1500 saw huge social change, political upheaval, technological revolution, intellectual debate, and artistic innovation across Europe and the wider world. In Oxford, medieval studies link disciplines such as Archaeology; Art History; Byzantine Studies; Classics; English; History; European, Middle- and Far-Eastern languages; Music; Philosophy; Theology and Religion; and work with heritage sites and institutions such as the Ashmolean Museum and the Bodleian Library. It also offers an interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Medieval Studies.

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Medieval Studies Postholders

For a full list including research fellows, stipendiary lecturers and doctoral students cf. the Faculty pages


English Postholders: Prof. Laura Ashe; Prof. Helen Barr; Prof. Mishtooni Bose; Prof. Charlotte Brewer; Prof. Kantik Ghosh; Prof. Vincent Gillespie; Prof. Jane Griffiths; Prof. Siân Grønlie; Prof. Simon Horobin; Prof. Carolyne Larrington; Prof. Francis Leneghan; Prof. Heather O'Donoghue; Prof. Andy Orchard; Prof. Nicholas Perkins; Prof. Annie Sutherland; Prof. Marion Turner; Prof. Daniel Wakelin; Prof. Mark Williams

History Postholders: Prof. Rowena Archer; Prof. Stephen Baxter; Prof. Fanny Bessard; Prof. John Blair; Prof. Margaret Coombe; Prof. Ian Forrest; Prof. Peter Frankopan; Prof. George Garnett; Prof. Helen Gittos; Prof. Helena Hamerow; Prof. Catherine Holmes; Prof. Marek Jankowiak; Prof. Geraldine A. Johnson; Prof. Matthew Kempshall; Prof. Conrad Leyser; Prof. John Nightingale; Prof. Natalia Nowakowska; Prof. Mark Philpott; Prof. Amanda Power; Prof. Gervase Rosser; Prof. Hannah Skoda; Prof. Julia Smith; Prof. Lesley Smith; Prof. Benjamin Thompson; Prof. Ida Toth; Prof. Christopher Tyerman; Prof. Julia Walworth; Prof. John Watts

MML Postholders: Prof. Daron Burrows; Prof. Juan-Carlos Conde; Prof. Geraldine Hazbun; Prof. Henrike Lähnemann; Prof. Sophie Marnette; Prof. Francesca Southerden; Prof. Almut Suerbaum; Prof. Helen Swift; Prof. Annette Volfing; Prof. Sam Wolfe

Music Postholders: Prof. Karl Kügle; Prof. Elizabeth Eva Leach; Prof. Christian Leitmeir

Theology Postholders: Prof. Anna Abulafia; Prof. Philip Booth; Prof. Sarah Foot; Prof. William Wood

Oriental Studies Postholders: Prof. Umberto Bongianino; Prof. Julia Bray; Prof. Alain George; Prof. Jennifer Guest; Prof. Nadia Jamil; Prof. Jeremy Johns; Prof. Marianna Klar; Prof. Christopher Melchert; Prof. Christian Sahner; Prof. Luke Treadwell; Prof. Shelagh Vainker; Prof. Theo van Lint

Philosophy Postholders: Cecilia Trifogli

Bodleian Libraries: Dr Andrew Dunning; Dr Matthew Holford; Dr Martin Kauffmann

Steering Group

Prof. Anna Sapir Abulafia (Theology), Dr Andrew Dunning (Bodleian Library), Prof. Sarah Foot (Theology), Prof. Peter Frankopan (Byzantine Studies), Prof. Christian Leitmeir (Music), Prof. Sophie Marnette (MML French), Prof. Lesley Smith (History), Prof. Francesca Southerden (MML Italian), Prof. Cecilia Trifolgi (Philosophy), Prof. Mark Williams (English, Director MSt Medieval Studies)

OMS Team

Dr Caroline Batten (Comms Officer, Mentor MSt Medieval Studies), Dr Mary Boyle (Mentor, MSt Medieval Studies), Sarah Bridge (Graduate Convenor), Llewellyn Hopwood (Social Media Officer), Scott Moynihan (Graduate Convenor), Tom Revell (Events Coordinator), Dr Alexandra Vukovich (Mentor, MSt Medieval Studies)


Prof. Henrike Lähnemann (MML German), Prof. Francis Leneghan (English)

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Co-Directors: Henrike Lähnemann and Francis Leneghan

Henrike Lähnemann
Francis Leneghan


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