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In 2014, Professor Claude Bourqui (Fribourg), Professor Thomas Hunkeler (Fribourg), Dr Kate Tunstall (Oxford) and Professor Alain Viala (University of Oxford & Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle) established a link between the University of Oxford and the Université de Fribourg. This partnership between the two universities was set up with a view to providing professors and graduate students from Oxford and Fribourg, working in the field of Medieval and Modern Languages and Literatures, with an opportunity to share ideas and discuss their research in a dynamic, collaborative and bilingual environment. The first collaborative study day held at the Maison française d’Oxford in February 2014, was entitled ‘Formes et pratiques de la querelle’, and was followed by three more: ‘Matérialités’ at the Université de Fribourg in January 2015, ‘Éditorialités’ at the Maison française in November 2016, and ‘Origines/Originalités’ at the Université de Fribourg in November 2017. This year, Frib-Ox is back in Oxford at the Maison française for ‘La vie en lettres’ on 25 January 2019. We – Kate TunstallEmma Claussen, and Simon Park - look forward to seeing you there.


This project is co-funded by the TORCH International Partnership Scheme.

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