Recycled Parchment Manuscript Fragments in Medieval Dresses

The Icon Book & Paper Group Committee are pleased to be able to bring you a series of live streamed talks while many people are required to stay at home during in these unprecedented times. This recording is Henrike Lähnemann giving their talk: Recycled Parchment. Manuscript Fragments in Medieval Dresses Overview In March 2011, fragments of 23 medieval manuscripts were discovered sewn into the hems of dresses. These garments were made in the late 15th century by nuns at the Cistercian convent of Wienhausen (Northern Germany) to dress up sculpture groups for feast days. The talk is going to explore these fragments and other forms of parchment recycling as part of late medieval reform movements.

Link to the youtube video mentioned during the talk:

About the speaker Henrike Lähnemann works on the manuscripts and material culture of the late medieval convents in North Germany and regularly worked with the textile conservators in Kloster Lüne. In Oxford, she teaches History of the Book and regularly collaborates with the Bodleian Libraries.

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