Looking Beyond

interior view of the Pitt River Museum, showing the glass cases and upper floor

Primary Investigator

Andrew McLellan (Pitt Rivers Museum)

Partner Organisations:

Pitt Rivers Museum

As the world adjusts to Covid19 the Pitt Rivers Museum are making content available online. We intend to reinterpret and build on our Community Engaged Research model through a series of coproduced, live-streamed, bi-weekly webinars. The Radical Hope, Beyond the Museum series will  build on existing projects and partnerships (Haida Gwaii, Nyema Droma, Oxford Windrush, Losing Venus, Beyond the Binary, Messy Realities, In Control by Design, Queer Studies Network to name a few) and be shaped in collaboration with local and global communities and research visitors. 

The webinars will interweave pre-recorded film, tours and performance with live panel discussions. They will take place in the Museum, in people’s kitchens and in community partner venues. As our programme builds, we will start to include conversations on colonial complicity, anti-racism and sovereignty.



Jessica Croll-Knight


Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the

future Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities.